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Brass Fill Valves, Water Fill Boxes and Water Level Floats

BRASS FILL VALVES - Ideal for use in skimmers, vaults and water fill boxes. Can be adapted to maintain water levels in many different applications. The brass body and brass rods are far superior to normal plastic fill valves. All valve rods (arms) can be adjusted to fit your exact requirements.

Description Length GPM Flow Rates @ PSI Price with
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1/2" Economy Brass Fill Valve


11 16 19

Part WFS37

1/2" Brass Fill Valve 12 1/2" 12.5 17.5 21

Part WFS50

1" Brass Fill Valve 17" 38 64 70

Part WFS100

1 1/2" Brass Fill Valve with 8" Float 19 1/2" 90 129 158

Part WFS150N

Water Fill Box

Finding a good way to mount a water fill valve in a pond without a skimmer can be difficult. The Water Fill Box provides an ideal housing in which to install an auto fill. The box sits inside the liner and holds fill valves up to 13" long. A 1" overflow is also included for ponds or formal pools needing exact water heights.

Box measures 15" long x 8" wide (at top) x 8" tall.

  Water Fill Box with 1/2" Economy Brass Valve and Float 8" Long  


  Water Fill Box with 1/2" Brass Fill Valve and Float 12 1/2" Long  


  Water Fill Box Only  


"Box Style" Fill Valve

This durable fill valve is ideal since the float is contained inside the valve box. No chance of damaging unit when lifting pumps in or out of skimmer. Delivers up to 245 GPH at maximum of 55 PSI. Includes fitting to connect to 1/2" vinyl tubing.

Fits in small or large skimmer.

Box Style Fill Valve
Part BFS
$42.32 with Free Shipping

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RESTRICTED PLANTS: Some states have bans on certain pond plants. Check the USDA Noxious Plants website prior to purchase. The buyer needs to beware of any regulations on plants that may be restricted. If your order gets confiscated by your state agriculture department we cannot be held responsible.

CLIMATE VARIATIONS: We guarantee our plants will arrive alive and healthy. Pond Plants grow differently depending on where you live. If you took pond plants of the same type, and planted them in different parts of the USA, each plant would grow differently. This is Mother Nature at work. We cannot guarantee that your climate will support long term growth as this varies by location. With experience you will find which pond plants thrive in your USDA Zone. Join our Pond, Watergarden and Plant Forum and ask some questions before you buy is the best advice we can give you.

SUBSTITUTIONS: We reserve the right to substitute Out of Stock plants of equal or greater value unless you specifically request otherwise in the remarks section of your order you submit. We try our very best to update the website availability and show plants that are Out of Stock.

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