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EasyPro Bio-Blox, Bio-Balls, Filter Floss, Ultra Bio-Media
Bacti-Twist™ Plastic Biofilter Media

Bio-Media is kept inside of your filter housing. If you have an open-chamber filter you can use any type of Bio-Media you wish. If you are unhappy with the media that your filter came with, any of the items here can be used in place of the present one you are using. Bio-Media enables ponds and water gardens to maintain larger biological loads in a much smaller filter areas that conventional filter cartridges. This dramatic increase in surface area is achieved by the unique, geometric design of the type of Bio-Media being used. The increased surface of the filter medium allows more beneficial bacteria to accumulate per square inch, thereby supporting a much larger quantity of pond life and keeping your water crystal clear and healthy.

How much Bio-Media do you need for your filtration? All of our Aquafalls filters come with two or three biological filter media bags. Filling all media bags with any of the biological media we sell below, will insure you have enough surface area for bacteria to colonize. This will insure a healthy pond as long as you keep the amount of fish you put in your pond to acceptable levels. Always remember that a beautiful and healthy pond requires you have three things: Good Filtration, Proper Fish Load, Keep ½ of your pond surface covered in plants.

If you cannot keep the ammonia and nitrites at a healthy level, you need to take action or your fish will die. There is only 1 way to calculate how much biological filtration media is necessary for a healthy pond and that is to use an ammonia and nitrite test kit. The amount of fish in your pond determines how much biological filtration you will need in your filter to break down waste. If you have too many fish, and a small amount of filter Bio-Media, the Bio-Media cannot support enough beneficial bacterial colonies to properly break down the fishes waste. The end result is high ammonia levels and sick fish. You will need then to do one of these things: 1. Add more Bio-Media 2. Remove some fish 3. Add more plants 4. increase the size of your filter.

This polyester media is a great low-cost choice for large volume applications like waterfall filter boxes. EasyPro grinds this media in-house, allowing us to offer very competitive pricing.

• Approximately 500 square feet of surface area in every cubic foot of material, this allows for maximum filtration in a given area
• Polyester material will last for years
• Sold in one and ten cubic foot box or twenty five cubic foot Gaylord box
• Also available in pre-filled mesh bags containing approximately two cubic feet
• Ideal for large biological filters!

EasyPro Bio-Blox Filter Media

1 Cubic Foot Box
Part BBM1
EasyPro Bio-Blox Media
$32.85 with Free Shipping
No Hidden Charges - No Surprises

2 Cubic Foot Mesh Bag
Part BBM2B
With EasyPro Bio-Blox Media included
$57.47 with Free Shipping
No Hidden Charges - No Surprises

10 Cubic Foot Box
Part BBM10
EasyPro Bio-Blox Media
$197.05 with Free Shipping
No Hidden Charges - No Surprises

These plastic Bio-Balls are a great media for use in all types of filters.

• Can be used as a loose media or put in mesh bags for easy removal and cleaning
• Will not compact like other soft media, reduces "channelizing" of water around media
• 1 1/2" in diameter, black in color
• Available in one cubic foot or 4.5 cubic foot box

EasyPro Bio-Balls Filter Media
Click Picture
for Larger View

1 Cu. Ft. Bio-Balls
Part BB15
EasyPro Bio-Balls Filter Media
$54.05 with Free Shipping
No Hidden Charges - No Surprises

4.5 Cu. Ft. Bio-Balls
Part BB15B
EasyPro Bio-Balls Filter Media
$217.78 with Free Shipping
No Hidden Charges - No Surprises

Filter Floss
Filter Floss Bio-Media is ribbon type material commonly used in our Aquafalls pond filters in place of lava rock. Filter Floss is a flat strapping that is embossed on both sides creating additional surface area for bacteria. Filter Floss Bio-Media is lightweight, will last indefinitely and has no effect on water quality.

Each media bag in the filter will weigh only 4 lbs. instead of 40 lbs. if filled with lava rock! This makes cleaning much easier!

Each box completely fills two MB21 mesh bags and contains approximately 4.5 cubic feet of material.

3000 Ft. Roll
Part FFM
EasyPro Filter Floss Bio-Media
$52.73 with Free Shipping
No Hidden Charges - No Surprises

EasyPro Filter Floss Bio-Media
Click Picture
for Larger View


Mesh bag shown filled
with filter floss media.


These mesh bags are used in all of our Aquafalls Filters but can be used in other aquatic filter applications, as long as your filter has a space big enough for them to fit into. They can be filled with any type of media; Bio-Balls, Bio-Blox, Filter Floss or whatever you use to trap and hold bacteria.

Sizes 21" x 30" -  22" x 26" - 18" X 30" all with Drawstring Tops

MB18F is a finer mesh, 3/16" instead of 1/4" for use with small media.

21" x 30" Mesh Bag
Part MB21
$23.01 with Free Shipping

18" x 30" Fine Mesh
Part MB18F
$23.30 with Free Shipping

22" x 26" Mesh Bag
Part MB22
$23.59 with Free Shipping



RESTRICTED PLANTS: Some states have bans on certain pond plants. Check the USDA Noxious Plants website prior to purchase. The buyer needs to beware of any regulations on plants that may be restricted. If your order gets confiscated by your state agriculture department we cannot be held responsible.

CLIMATE VARIATIONS: We guarantee our plants will arrive alive and healthy. Pond Plants grow differently depending on where you live. If you took pond plants of the same type, and planted them in different parts of the USA, each plant would grow differently. This is Mother Nature at work. We cannot guarantee that your climate will support long term growth as this varies by location. With experience you will find which pond plants thrive in your USDA Zone. Join our Pond, Watergarden and Plant Forum and ask some questions before you buy is the best advice we can give you.

SUBSTITUTIONS: We reserve the right to substitute Out of Stock plants of equal or greater value unless you specifically request otherwise in the remarks section of your order you submit. We try our very best to update the website availability and show plants that are Out of Stock.

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