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Popular Pick! Jumbo Water Hyacinth
Water Hyacinth
#1 Plant for Clean Water
Used in Water Treatment
Plants Around the World!

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 In Memory of Rich Freitas - TSgt USAF - Vietnam Vet
In Memory of Rich Freitas - Vietnam Vet - Flowers  Above Picked from His Garden
We Ship Pond Plants All Year!*
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*Except Seasonal Water Lotus or if shipping route is under 18 degrees.
Popular Pick! Japanese Algae Eating Snails
Algae Eating Snails
Helps Fight Algae!
Japanese Trapdoor Snails
Rated #1 by Pond Owner's

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Make it a Family Project
Blackmail your kids to dig
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USDA Last Frost Guidelines

 Not just any fertilizer will do. You need 10-26-10 Copper Free*
This is very important for big blooming lilies, lotus and flowering plants.
*Copper will kill your valuable Japanese Trapdoor Snails that eat algae.

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Reeds - Rushes - White Lilies - Pink Lilies - Red Lilies - Peach Lilies - Yellow Lilies - Water Lotus
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Pond Planting Total Packages Save 10-25%  Pots and Baskets
Plant, Floating, Water Lettuce
Required Oxygenators

Combo Sets
Floating Oxygenators
Surface Cover & Shade
Submerged Oxygenators
 Competes with Algae

Sampler Packages
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Bog pond plants
Hardy Lilies
& Lotus
Just want a few pond plants?
Go to our other pond plants website.
Broad Green Foliage
Reeds, Grasses & Sedge
Lilies White
Double Blooming Snowballs
Lilies Peach
Fragrant Large Blooms
Cover Bog Pond Plants
Clover, Mint, Hearts
Flowering Bog Pond Plants
Add Color and Shape
Lilies Red
The #1 Favorite Color
Lilies Changeable
Peach to Yellow, Orange
Iris & Louisiana Iris
Vibrant Colors
Bamboo, Cattails
Lilies Yellow
Beautiful and Fragrant
Lilies Unsorted
Discounts for 1 Color
Rich Background Accent

Pond Snails
Pond Cleanup Crew

Lilies Pink
A Full Sun Favorite

Water Lotus
Only Avail March-May


Black Taro

Imperial Taro

Variegated Taro

Green Taro
Taro is commonly called "Elephant Ears" Although a tropical pond plant they are great for Northern climates as they easily winter over indoors. In the fall before a chance of frost, pull the pot out and let it drain for a day on the lawn, then bring it inside and keep the soil wet until spring and put it back in the pond.

Tropical Pond Plants Menu
Low Growing Cover - Flowering Cannas -Taro Elephant Ears -Flowering Bog Plants
Papyrus and Palms - Yellow Orange and Green Lilies - Pink White and Lavender Lilies
Blue Lilies - Night Blooming Lilies - Purple and Violet Lilies

Bog pond plants
Flowering Bog pond plants
Blue Bells, Spider Lily
Flowering Cannas
Intense Colors for Pond
Blue Lilies
Rare in Nature
Yellow, Orange, Green
Low Growing Cover
Snowflakes and Mosaics
Papyrus & Palms
Gives Garden Height
Pink, White, Lavender
Purple, Violet
Taro or Elephant Ears
Huge Green Leaves

Tropical Night Blooming Lilies
Most Popular of All Tropical Lilies

All-in-1 Packages
Based on Pond Size

Aquatic Plant Fertilizer
Copper Free 10-26-10

Aquatics for Indoors!How to Plant
Instructions on Planting
Plant General Pictures
Pond Plants Page
Planting Pots for Water
Pots & Mesh Baskets
Plant Sampler Packages
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Pond Snails
#1 Algae Eaters!
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Water pond plants are some of the most beautiful pond plants on earth. There are a huge variety of water pond plants in all different shapes, sizes and colors. Water pond plants are categorized into three main categories each with its own special features and advantages.

Pond plants are divided into 3 main categories:

Marginals or Bog pond plants are pond plants that remain either on the edge of a pond/water feature or are slightly submerged. Marginals are the most diverse and beautiful of the water pond plants and include flowers, grasses and groundcovers in all sorts of bright and beautiful colors.

Oxygenators are submerged pond plants that provide a pond with oxygen through the natural process of photosynthesis; some oxygenators may still produce flowers and are probably the most important plant in a water environment.

Floaters help to keep algae and water temperatures down, keeping your pond or water feature crystal clear and healthy for all your pond wildlife.

Do you have a beneficial bacteria farm?

Aerators & Bubblers
Got Dead Water?

Algae Control
End Your Algae Nightmare

Eats Up Trash
Bottom Drains
Bottom Drains

Fend off Muck
Brass Fill Valves
Brass Fill Valves

Keeps Water Level Up

Microbe-Lift Products

Pond Bacteria
Pond Kits
EasyPro Pond Kits

#1 Choice of The Pro's

Deicers or Heaters
Keep Koi Alive Winter

Filter Bio Media
Home for Bacteria

Filter Media Mesh Bags
Holds Bio Media

Koi Food

New! From Microbe-Lift

Koi Medications

Cure Parasites and Fungus
Composite Boulders
Composite Boulders

Hides Outlets & Equipment

Night Lighting for Ponds

Pond Netting
Keep the Critter's Out

Skimmers & U.V. Lamps
The Same We Use
Water Fill Box
Water Fill Box

Keeps Pond Full 24/7

Water Pumps

Great Pumps, Save $$

Waterfall Bio Filters
Best Made in the USA!

Water Care & Testing
Correct Water Problems

Do I need aquatic plants in my pond?
How do I plant my water garden?
What is the best plant to start with?
How do I get rid of Algae?
How do I plant the plants you sent to me?
Do the plants you offer for sale survive the winter?
How are plants shipped?
Do plants come with instructions on how to plant them?
What about winter care of water lilies?
How do I keep my floating plants out of my skimmer?

Pond Operation
The Nitrogen Cycle - Must Reading

How to Cycle (Start Up) a New Pond
How do I test my pond water?
How much water is in my pond?
Fall Maintenance and Preparing for Winter
What is "Winter Kill?"   Do I need a bottom drain?
Can I switch my pond pump off at night?
Do I really need a pond filter?
Why does my water stay dirty, green or brown?
Why do I have to clean the skimmer filter twice a week?

Koi and Fish
How long do Koi live?    How do I take care of my new Koi?    Do I keep my Koi indoors for the winter?
Do I feed my Koi During the winter?    How do you prepare a Koi for shipment?    Why are Koi so Expensive?
I don't have a pond. Can I keep Koi in my aquarium?    What is the right amount of fish for my pond?


Samurai and Nishiki Goi
Warriors and Japanese Koi
Keeping Pond Water Perfect
The ABC's of Pond Water
Pond & Koi Forum
Image Gallery
Coppermine Gallery
Pond Keeping 101
Read This Please!
How to Cycle
Break in a New Pond
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Get Ready for Winter
Spring Maintenance
Clean it Out and Plant
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Koi & Pond Websites
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How it Works
Selecting the Right Water Pump
Easy to Understand
Ralph's New Pond - Tana's Backyard - Mandana's Indian Landscape - Lake Anzan


RESTRICTED PLANTS: Some states have bans on certain pond plants. Check the USDA Noxious Plants website prior to purchase. The buyer needs to beware of any regulations on plants that may be restricted. If your order gets confiscated by your state agriculture department we cannot be held responsible.

CLIMATE VARIATIONS: We guarantee our plants will arrive alive and healthy. Pond Plants grow differently depending on where you live. If you took pond plants of the same type, and planted them in different parts of the USA, each plant would grow differently. This is Mother Nature at work. We cannot guarantee that your climate will support long term growth as this varies by location. With experience you will find which pond plants thrive in your USDA Zone. Join our Pond, Watergarden and Plant Forum and ask some questions before you buy is the best advice we can give you.

SUBSTITUTIONS: We reserve the right to substitute Out of Stock plants of equal or greater value unless you specifically request otherwise in the remarks section of your order you submit. We try our very best to update the website availability and show plants that are Out of Stock.

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